For over 10 years the MTX 95 name has been synonymous with unmatched SPL output and legendary performance. The new 95 builds on that legacy with new technologies that take this car subwoofer to levels never before acheived.

Technology features include:
  • Inverted Apex Surround with 1.25" Xmax - Maximizes SPL.
  • 3-Layer Thermal Management - Supercooled for continuous high output without distortion
    • Spider Plateau Venting Mechanical Cooling Technology
    • Internal Voice Coil Heatsink
    • Integrated T-Yoke Heatsink
  • High Efficiency Glass Fiber Cone
  • 4" Aluminum Voice Coil
  • Cast Aluminum Basket
Learn More About the 95
Check out these videos regarding the 95 series to learn more about the technologies that make this a true superwoofer.