Blog posts of '2014' 'September'

Polaris RZR 170 Build

So we are lucky enough to be at it again. We have been able to build an awesome version of the RZR1000 and Sportsman ACE with incredible sound and now we are putting together a junior version using the RZR 170. This vehicle presents some significant challenges as it is much smaller than the RZR1000 and doesnt have the same fit and finishes. No matter, our fabrication experts are tearing it down to build it up making sure it stays true to its RZR roots while still delivering the exceptional MTX boom. Stay tuned for more pictures and info as this project comes alive.

RZR 170 New in Shop  RZR 170 Getting Dismantled  RZR 170 Totally Dismantled  RZR 170 with RZR1000 Doors  RZR 170 with RZR 900 Dash Modification 

Polaris RZR 170 Build Part 2

Progress is continuing on our Polaris 170 project. It may be little but this is going to pack a punch. We had to upgrade it to a dual battery system to deliver the power necessary to run the audio system. We are also creating fiberglass speaker pods and dashboard as well as adding beautiful new wheels and tires to make this 170 extreme enough to be a MTX Ground Pounder. This machine is going to be fun! Stay tuned for audio install pics as we wrap up the rest of the body details.

New Brush Guard  Dual Battery Install  New Dashboard  Speaker Kick Pods  New Wheels and Tires