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MTX XThunder 1200 Watt AmplifierThunder Power

The XTHUNDER1200.1 is the latest evolution of the Thunder amplifier series that MTX Audio made famous almost 20 years ago. This amplifier is designed to deliver extreme power to the this matched T9515-44 fifteen inch SuperWoofer that has set the standard for SPL output over the last 10 years.

Get the party started each time you get in the car with this famous MTX classic.

SKU: XTH1200T9515PKG
Sold Individually

Wire, fuse, fuse holder and fittings required to connect amplifier to electrical system.


Cable to connect source to amplifier


1000 Watt Superwoofer

MTX's famous subwoofer with amazing SPL and clarity.

1200 Watts Of XTHUNDER

Matching high-powered amp to deliver pure, hard-hitting sound.

Renowned MTX Sound

Classic MTX sound will blow the doors off your show car with nothing close in its class.

The Original 9500 SuperWoofer

MTX Audio single-handedly created the biggest boom in the history of bass - Thunder 9500, the world's first SuperWoofer! Thunder 9500 stretches the limits of SPL while still providing truly accurate music reproduction. In the simplest of terms, it thunders a wall of sound and still sounds pure and crisp.


"I have always heard the best about the T9515 don't take them away they still hold the heavy weight belt , best in the game....knock the fillings out of your teeth !"

Victor - T9500 Review - 9/28/2013

"I have 2-12" 9500s and still after 6 years they are the best sub I have ever owned."

Chad - T9500 Review - 11/1/2013

The T9500 Superwoofer Key Features

  • Die Cast Aluminum Frame Construction for incredible strength and durability
  • 3000 Watts Max Power (1000W RMS) Handling for amazing SPL levels with astonishing clarity
  • 1" Xmax for massive Volume Displacement
  • Up to 260 oz. magnets that deliver incredible power
  • High Roll NBR Surround uses FEA optimized roll geometry to maximize excursion without sacrificing cone surface area
  • Expanded Poly Cone Dust Cap is injection molded, carbon filled, expanded polypropylene with aluminum deposition for dramatically increased stiffness/weight ratio
  • Stitched Cone for added durability and style
  • ALDS Asymmetrical Linear Drive System with a flat progressive spider and extended pole piece for smooth, linear, piston like drive
  • Up to 4" Voice Coils for high power handling and extreme excursion
  • Industry leading thermal power handling using 428°F High Temperature Flat Wound Aluminum Ribbon Wire
  • Industry leading Spider Plateau Venting cooling system cools at the voice coil

New Breed of THUNDER

The XTHUNDER1200.1 utilizes highly efficient class D amplifier topology to ensure excellent thermal management under the harshest conditions. Capable of delivering 1200W RMS power into a 1Ω load, the XTHUNDER1200.1 is ideally suited to power MTX SuperWoofers and large, multiple subwoofer deployments.

Using high end materials and a dedication to precision workmanship, the XTHUNDER Series deliver exceptional sound quality and performance.

MTX XThunder1200 Car Subwoofer AmplifierXThunder 1200 Key Features:

  • Class D Topology
  • Low Profile Design
  • Variable Low Pass Filter
  • Extruded Aluminum Top Cover
  • Includes EBC Allowing for Bass Adjustment from Driver's Seat

Built To Drive BIG Sub Systems

The unit features a dual sided circuit board wiith increased copper traces that maximize electrical transfer and minimize power lost before it gets to your speakers. The surface mount technology, is incredibly durable and vibration resistant, allowing them to be damage resistant even when deployed in big systems. The entire top cover functions as a heat sink with a lot of surface area to effectively dissipate heat so that it can play louder and longer. The top cover includes removable side covers that allow for easy access to connections and settings even after installation.

The feature set on the XTHUNDER1200.1 is loaded and enables full customization to ensure the best possible sound quality without distortion. Customization includes a low pass filter, subsonic filter, and bass boost that allow you to get exactly the sound you want from your subwoofers.

XTHUNDER1200.1 Amplifier

Class D Topology - Ensures Excellent Thermal Efficiency

Low Profile Design - Allows for Installation Anywhere

Extruded Aluminum Top Cover Efficiently Dissipates Heat
Includes EBC Allowing for Bass Adjustment from Driver's Seat
T9515-44 Subwoofer
Die Cast Aluminum Frame
1" Xmax for Maximum Volume Displacement
High Roll NBR Surround for Increased Surface Area
ALDS - Asymmetrical Linear Drive System
428 Degree High Temperature Flat Wound Aluminum Ribbon Wire
Spider Plateau Venting Cooling Technology Mechanically Targets Cool Air at Voice Coil
ZN5K-00 Amplifier Kit
105ºC Ultra-Flex Jacket
Optimized Stranding
100% Oxygen Free Copper
4Ω RMS Power Output 400 Watts
Signal to Noise Ratio >60dB
2Ω RMS Power Output 750 Watts
1Ω RMS Power Output 1200 Watts
THD <0.2%
Frequency Response 10Hz - 250Hz
Maximum Input Signal 5V
Max Sensitivity 100mV
Low Pass Filter Variable, 40Hz - 250Hz, 12dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter 10Hz - 50Hz, 12dB/Oct, Variable
Bass Boost 12dB @ 45Hz
Topology Class D
Depth 8.9" (226.7mm)
Length 14.2" (359.9mm)
Height 2.03" (51.5mm)
RMS Power (Watts) 1000
Peak Power (Watts) 2000
Sensitivity 90.3dB
Voice Coil 4"
Volume Displacement (cu in) 135.77
Vented Enclosure Net Volume 2.25 cu ft
MTX004783 XTHUNDER Series Owner's Manual (32 pages) View |  Download
50Hzmp3 Download
Data Sheet T9515-44 (4 pages) View |  Download
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