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Blue Thunder Legend Subwoofer

Blue Thunder Legend Subwoofer

These subwoofers feature the

MTX Asymmetrical Linear Drive Technology

  • A combination of a flat, progressive spider with an extended pole piece. This technology contributes to the high power handling, yet low distortion characteristics of the Blue Thunder Subwoofers.

Available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes with 4, 8, and 12 ohm (no 12 ohm in the 8"). This means that you can choose a size and impedance combination that makes the most efficient use of your amplifier power.

The Chassis

  • The frame of the Blue Thunder Legend Subwoofer is a "folded-window" design. Besides looking very elegant, it is a more stable construction.

The Cone/Dustcap

  • The inverted dustcap is integrated seamlessly with the tinted gray cone, for a sleek, high-tech appearance.
Legend Subwoofers

The Gasket and Surround

  • Are one piece, with a fillet-edge, pressure-formed out of EPDM. this is a reliability boost, since there's no more adhesive, and the EPDM resists UV rays.

The Voice Coil

  • It's a four-layer, long winding length (the more copper in the voice coil, the better thermal power handling, for better bass).

The Magnet

  • Is oversized, which contributes to driver control...(for superior power handling)