These Textron Off Road stereo kits are designed specifically for Textron Off Road owners who enjoy their music as much as they enjoy riding. Many options are available and each one includes everything you need to Feel the Thunder with MTX Audio.

MTX MUDSYS46 sound bar is compatible with the following Textron Off Road models:

Havoc X Yes Yes
Prowler Pro / XT Yes Yes
Stampede X Yes  Yes
Stampede 4X Yes  Yes
Stampede 4 Yes Yes
Wildcat XX No No
Wildcat X No No
Wildcat X LTD No No
Wildcat 4X LTD No No
Wildcat Sport XT / LTD No No
Wildcat Trail / XT / LTD No No

***MUD6SPBT & MUD6SP sound bars will fit all models except Wildcat XX***

***All other products will fit in any Textron Off Road Model***