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E5 Series EDI5-5M 5 Meter Digital Coaxial Interconnect

5 Meter Digital Coaxial Interconnect Premium connection from digital audio sources to audio amplifier.

    Esoteric Audio has been making the highest quality audio and video cables for over thirty years. Quality sound and video reproduction is an obsession at Esoteric and that is evident in each product in the Esoteric family. Whether you are a 2 channel audiophile or connecting some of today's most complex systems, Esoteric has a solution that will exceed your expectations. Your home theater system can only be good as its weakest link and with Esoteric cables you will never have to worry that that link is your connections.

    • Intelli-Connect Labeling
    • Ultra Thick™ 24k Gold Plated Contacts
    • Accu-Image™ Solid Core Conductor
    • Gold Plated Dual Dual Split Banana Connector
    • Class III Shielding
    • Serpentine™ Cut Connector
    • Ultra Image Flow Dielectric
    • Ultra Grain OFC Copper Conductor
    • Ultra Sure Grip Custom Mini Connectors