SKU: IP632

IP632 2-Way ImagePro Speaker Pair

The IP632 is a component speaker pair with mid range, tweeter and crossover that can handle up to 90W RMS power. The rich, full sound of these gorgeous speakers is amazing.

    The Next Level

    Improves any stock stereo to deliver a full-range sound experience.

    Rich Full Range

    Best full range sound reproduction in their class. Great bass even without subwoofer.

    Unique Design

    Combo midrange and tweeter can be mounted anywhere for imaging control.


    IP632 Key Features

    • Combo midrange and tweeter can be positioned anywhere in vehicle to maximize imaging
    • The specially designed crossover uses mylar capacitors for superior signal integrity
    • Tweeter adjustment up to 270 degrees.

    To The Next Level

    MTX ImagePro 3-Way Speaker Systems are unlike any other car audio speaker system in the world. ImagePro removes all of the limitations to actually hearing your music in your car versus a traditional speaker mounting location, which is located next to your legs. MTX has designed the ImagePro speaker systems so that they are on the same level as your ears allowing you to hear those lost details and get the proper staging in your vehicle.