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MPP Series MPP410-B 4 inch 50W RMS 8 Ohm Multipurpose Speaker - Black

4" 50W RMS 8 Ohm Multipurpose Speaker - Black
(also available in white and silver).

Music Or Theater, Indoors or Out

Wall mountable, multi-purpose speaker for producing beautiful music and realistic movie experiences. Resists moisture for use outdoors.

    Weather Resistant

    Designed to resist moisture and mold

    High Performance Audio

    Provides rich music and dazzling home theater audio

    Mix and Match

    Variety of sizes and shapes to build the ideal system


    The MPP410 multi-purpose speaker is designed for almost any application. They are optimized for use in home theater yet are engineered to handle extreme conditions indoors or out. While they may suit many different needs, they always achieve one goal, great sound. The MPP410 is a single 4" driver that handles 50W RMS power and are suited for use in home theater, distributed audio, or outdoor use where they are designed to minimize the effects of damp conditions with aluminum grilles, solid brass hardware with rubber surrounds, and glass fiber woofer cones. Wet, dry, hot, or cold - these speakers continue to perform. The MPP410 is also available with a white or silver finish.

    MPP410 Key Features

    • Glass Fiber Woofers
    • Weather Resistant, Perfect Under Overhangs
    • Aluminum Grilles
    • Solid Brass Hardware
    • Mount Vertically or Horizontally
    • Includes Easy to Use Mounting Brackets

    Mount Anywhere and Play Everything

    The Ideal Outdoor Speaker Too

    For your home theater, Model MP speakers offer a limitless set of choices for LCR and surround sound applications. Incorporate among your In-wall or floor speakers to create the home theater you desire.

    And MTX Audio's Multi-purpose speakers are designed with the elements in mind! The materials were selected to minimize the effects of damp conditions. Aluminum grilles, stainless-steel and solid brass hardware with rubber surrounds, and polypropylene woofer cones. Wet, dry, hot or cold weather - this speaker continues to perform. This way, you can use the same speaker on the patio that you have inside in the home theater.

    • Glass Fiber Cones
    • Aluminum Grilles
    • Solid Brass Hardware
    • Weather Resistant
    Woofer Single 4" Glass Fiber
    Tweeter 20mm Teteron Dome
    Frequency Response 125Hz - 20kHz
    Sensitivity 85dB
    Height 8 1/8" (20.64 cm)
    Width 4 13/16" (12.22 cm)
    Depth 5" (12.7 cm)

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