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RoadThunder RTL12X2D Dual 12 inch 500W RMS 2 Ohm Vented Loaded Enclosure

We Did The Work For You

Everybody that knows anything about bass and subwoofers knows that you have to have the right subwoofers in the right enclosure to get the best possible performance. Choosing subwoofers and then finding or building an enclosure for them can be a challenge that most people don't want to undertake.

That is why the engineers at MTX created the RoadThunder RTL12X2D loaded enclosure. They picked the perfect subs and designed the perfect enclosure to make them go boom, just like they are designed to do. You don't even have to think, we did all the thinking for you.

    RTL12X2D RoadThunder Dual Subs

    The Roadthunder 2x12 Key Features

    • Side Firing Super Slot Port
    • Durable 5/8" MDF Construction
    • Dual 12" Subwoofer Design
    • Single 2Ω Terminal
    • Aviation Grade Carpet

    Built To Thunder

    The RTL12X2D is a dual 12" vented subwoofer enclosure that fits the majority of vehicles on the road today. The RTL subwoofers feature a polypropylene cone that offers excellent stiffness to weight ratio and durability for years of enjoyment. The subs include a two-inch, four layer copper voice coil that can withstand intense heat created by continuous play and Spider Plateau Venting which helps mechanically deliver cool air to the voice coil. Each woofer is capable of handling 200-watts of RMS power making the enclosure's overall power rating 400-watts RMS.

    The enclosure is constructed using durable 5/8" medium density fiberboard (MDF) and is designed to withstand the abuse that true bassheads will throw at it. The key to this enclosure's performance is the Super Side Firing Slot Port. This oversized vent pushes air out the side of the enclosure rather than the front as is often found in traditional enclosure design. This allows the enclosure to produce greater SPL levels as the air loads off the side of the vehicle as it exits the box. The enclosure includes a single terminal cup on the rear panel that includes compression terminals that accept up to 8AWG speaker wire for maximum signal transfer.

    The RTL12X2D is ideally matched with the THUNDER500.1 mono block amplifier.

    • Side Firing Super Slot Port
    • 5/8" MDF Construction
    • Single 2Ω Compression Terminal
    • Aviation grade carpet
    • Embroidered RoadThunder logo
    RMS Power (Watts) 500
    Subwoofer Dual 12"
    Height 15"
    Width 33"
    Bottom Depth 16"
    Top Depth NA
    Weight 66 lbs
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase