1500-Watt RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

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High Output for the Biggest Subwoofers

Big Power for Big Systems

MTX XThunder 1500 Watt Amplifier

Extreme Power

Continuing the Legacy that MTX Audio started almost 20 years ago with the development of the Thunder amplifier series, we introduce the next generation – XTHUNDER. These amplifiers are designed to deliver extreme power to the most demanding speaker system designs and are capable of driving subwoofers and full range speakers alike.

The XTHUNDER1500.1 mono block amplifier will power large subwoofers in multiple wiring combinations with distortion-free performance, easily handling the abuse of long hours of extreme play.

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  • 1-Ohm Stable
  • Class D

Built to Drive BIG Sub Systems

Capable of delivering 1500W RMS power into a 1Ω load, the XTHUNDER1500.1 is ideally suited to power MTX SuperWoofers and large, multi-woofer systems. This is made possible by using high grade materials and a never wavering dedication to precision workmanship. This is what allows the XTHUNDER Series to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance.

MTX XThunder1200 Car Subwoofer Amplifier

What’s Under the Hood?

We start by using a highly efficient class D amplifier topology to maximize electrical power efficiency while ensuring total thermal management, even under extreme use. This is all built on a dual sided circuit board with oversized copper traces that maximize electrical flow and minimize power loss before it gets to your speakers. Components are installed using surface mount technology making the circuit incredibly durable and vibration resistant allowing them to survive even when used in big bass systems.

Additional heat management is handled by the top cover which functions as a large surface area heat sink. This effectively dissipates built-up heat so the amplifier runs cooler and can play louder, longer. The chassis also includes removable side covers that create a stealth look when installed, but also allow for easy access to connections and settings after mounting.

Of course, the XTHUNDER1500.1 isn’t all power and no finesse. It is loaded with features that enable full customization to ensure the best possible sound quality without distortion. Using the built-in low pass filter, subsonic filter, and bass boost you are able to get exactly the sound you want from your subwoofers every time.

Don't Forget The Amp Kit

Remember, you cannot install an amplifier without an amplifier kit. MTX recommends using a ZN5K-00 or ZN5K-04 to power the XTHUNDER1500.1.

How to Properly Set Your Amplifier's Gain


Class D Topology - Ensures Excellent Thermal Efficiency

Low Profile Design - Allows for Installation Anywhere

Cast Aluminum Top Cover - Efficiently Dissipates Heat

Variable Butterworth Crossover - a 12dB/Oct crossover that allows you to set the frequency your speakers will play down or up to

Variable Bass Boost - Allows you to boost your bass output by up to 18dB @45Hz

Variable Subsonic Filter - A variable low frequency, high pass filter designed to block potentially damaging bass frequencies

Triple Protection Circuitry - Thermal, DC Offset, and Short Circuit Protection circuitry ensures the amplifier will protect itself in the event of a problem

Includes EBC Allowing for Bass Adjustment from Driver's Seat
4Ω RMS Power Output 600 Watts
Signal to Noise Ratio >60 dB
2Ω RMS Power Output 900 Watts
1Ω RMS Power Output 1500 Watts
THD <0.2%
Frequency Response 10Hz - 250Hz
Maximum Input Signal 5V
Max Sensitivity 100mV
Low Pass Filter Variable, 40Hz - 250Hz, 12dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter 10Hz - 50Hz, 12dB/Oct, Variable
Bass Boost 18dB @ 45Hz
Topology Class D
Depth 8.9" (226.7mm)
Length 14.2" (359.9mm)
Height 2.03" (51.5mm)
MTX004783 XTHUNDER Series Owner's Manual (32 pages) View |  Download
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