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1000-Watt RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

Feel the Thunder

MTX THUNDER..A name synonymous with car audio for over 20 years has become known for power, performance, and reliability. The THUNDER line of amplifiers has seen numerous technological advancements throughout its life and continues to be one of the most recognized and sought after products in the car audio world today.

The MTX THUNDER1000.1 mono block amplifier is the product of many of those advancements making it perfect for that “Bass in your face” attitude without taking up all of your valuable space.

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  • 1-Ohm Stable
  • Class D
    1000-Watt RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

    Made for Power, Built for Bass

    The THUNDER1000.1 is a high-powered 1000-watt RMS amplifier designed to be installed in almost any vehicle due to its small chassis size. Its power capability makes it a perfect choice for running single or multi-woofer sound systems without worrying about compromising bass output or quality.

    1000-Watt RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

    Technologically Advanced

    This amp features a high-efficiency Class D circuit design chosen for its ability to produce high output power while minimizing power loss to heat build-up. It’s this capability that makes it perfect for driving woofers to their limits and delivering that vehicle shaking bass you want.

    It’s not just the circuit type that makes this amp tick, but also the parts used and how they are installed. We use surface mount technology to help create the compact design of the amplifier and improve its reliability and resistance to vibration. High grade components are chosen for the quality and to ensure the amplifier delivers maximum power output when you need it.

    1000-Watt RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

    In addition to the circuit design, we’ve also added the features you need to fine tune your system sound such as the built-in variable low pass crossover, selectable bass boost circuit and variable subsonic filter. Additionally, we know how important the speaker and power connections are to a properly working sound system. This is why we use set-screw style terminals to provide the most secure connection possible which minimizes any power loss while delivering all the power to the amplifier and to the speakers.

    Remember The Amp Kit

    Remember, you cannot install an amplifier without an amplifier kit. MTX recommends using a ZN5K-04 to power the THUNDER1000.1.

    • Compact Design - The small footprint chassis allows for installation in space challenged vehicles

    • Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink - The custom heat sink design maximizes heat transfer away from the circuitry protecting the amplifier

    • Selectable Bass Boost - Selectable 0, 6, or 12dB bass boost centered @ 50Hz

    • Variable Butterworth Crossover - a 12dB/Oct crossover that allows you to set the frequency your speakers will play down or up to

    • Variable Subsonic Filter - A variable low frequency, high pass filter designed to block potentially damaging bass frequencies

    • Triple Protection Circuitry - Thermal, DC Offset, and Short Circuit Protection circuitry ensures the amplifier will protect itself in the event of a problem

    • Surface Mount PCB Design - Decreases chassis size, improves layout efficiency and increases vibration resistance without sacrificing performance or sound.

    Description Mono Block
    Topology Class D
    4Ω RMS Power Output 350W x 1 Channel
    2Ω RMS Power Output 600W x 1 Channel
    1Ω RMS Power Output 1000W x 1 Channel
    THD <1%
    Signal to Noise Ratio 80dB
    Frequency Response 10Hz - 220Hz
    Crossover Variable Low @ 40Hz to 220Hz, 12dB/Oct
    Subsonic Filter 10Hz to 50Hz, 12dB/Oct Variable
    Bass Boost 0-6-12dB Switchable
    Max Sensitivity 200mV
    Maximum Input Signal 5V
    Height 6.3"
    Width 12.13"
    Depth 2.25"
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

    Test Tone 50Hzmp3 Download
    Owners Manual MTX004553 THUNDER Series Owners Manual (32 pages) View | Download
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